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Sherwood Tennis Center Vendor Application

  1. Sherwood Tennis Center Vendor Application

    Please fill out this application and submit it for approval to be a concessions vendor at the Sherwood Tennis Center. Vendors will be set up on location at 420 Dee Jay Hudson Drive, Sherwood, AR 72120. The non-refundable booth fee is $25. The City of Sherwood will not provide electricity, ice, or access to water. There will be a limited number of vendors for each date. For more information, please contact Tonya Bell at 501-835-9793.

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  4. Service Window Location

    Which side of your vehicle do customers order food from?

  5. Food Trucks/Carts will be required to detach vehicles.

  6. Have You Registered with the Sherwood A&P Commission?

    If your answer is No, please call 501-835-5319 for more information. You must be registered with the Sherwood A&P Commission to serve food at this event.

  7. Please list up to 8 menu items.

  8. Vendor Rules & Regulations*

    1.  Vendors may begin setting up on the walkway behind the Sherwood Tennis Center at 420 Dee Jay Hudson Drive, Sherwood, AR 72120 at 10 a.m. on September 14, September 19, September 21, September 26, or September 28, 2023. Booths need to be ready for the public at 3 p.m.  No vendors may set up or drive through the event area once the event begins.

    2. Vendors may NOT tear down before the event finishes. You must remain on site until event closing, even if you are sold out. For the safety of those attending, leaving early will not be permitted. Vendors must remove all equipment and products from city property, leaving the space clean and free of trash. Vendors who fail to comply with this rule will be subject to rejection of their vendor application at the next city event.

    3. Fees are due within FIVE days of emailed receipt of application acceptance by Program Manager, Tonya Bell. All vendor fees are non-refundable. If it is not received within that time, the contract is nulled, and the City of Sherwood has no other obligations to the vendor. Onsite fee payments will not be accepted. Cash or check payments can be made in person at Sherwood Tennis Center, 420 Dee Jay Hudson Drive, Sherwood, AR 72120 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Checks must be made payable to the City of Sherwood. 

    Check payments must be sent to:

    Sherwood Tennis Center

    Attention: Tonya Bell

    51 Shelby Road

    Sherwood, AR 72120

    4. Vendors will be provided with a special event tax reporting form from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration onsite the day of the event. This must be returned to the event coordinator, along with the total sales tax due via check made out to Arkansas DFA at the end of the event. For this event, the total tax rate is 9.5%, which includes the 6.5% state tax, 1% county tax and 2% local tax rates. Food vendors are subject to an additional 2% tax, as indicated in item 5 below. This additional tax must NOT be included in the check written for the Arkansas DFA, but instead must be made to Sherwood A&P.

    5. Food vendors must meet the Arkansas Department of Health guidelines. If preparing food from a traveling station, the vendor must provide vehicle measurements and pictures of the vehicle. No food is permitted at the event that does not meet Arkansas Department of Health code specifications. All food concessions must have an Arkansas Department of Health permit, business license and insurance on hand during the festival and must provide proof of such with the application. Additionally, prepared food sales made at this event are subject to a 2% City of Sherwood Advertising & Promotion tax. The City Clerk’s office must have a record of your business on file and the 2% tax must be remitted to that office, located at 2199 East Kiehl Ave. This tax is separate from the 9.5% tax that will be remitted with the special event tax form at the conclusion of the event. For more information on this additional tax, call 501-835-8319.

    6. The City of Sherwood will not provide electricity, water, or ice to vendors. It will be the sole responsibility of vendors to secure those items. 

    7. Food vendors must have a working fire extinguisher on-site, which has been serviced within the past year.

    8. To enable more patrons to be served, food vendors must limit their menu items to 8 quick-serve items. Menus are required to be posted and visible for customers. Prices of food and drink items must be clearly displayed along with methods of payment accepted. Only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. 

    9. Vendors may not assign or sublet their booth without the consent of event management.

    10. Vendors agree that the City of Sherwood shall not be liable for any lost or damaged property.

    11. Vendors agree that the services conducted/items sold shall be supportive and appropriate to the purposes of the Fall Tennis Matches - a community, family-oriented event.

    12. The City of Sherwood reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse exhibit space to any individual or organization that does not support the purpose of the Fall Tennis Matches.

    13. Vendors agree not to place any items in their booths that are objectionable, dangerous, or not in connection with the purposes of the Fall Tennis Matches. The City of Sherwood reserves the right to require immediate removal of any non-complying goods, activities, or signs.

    14. Vendors agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Sherwood, its directors, officers, volunteers, agents against all claims (including attorney’s fees) imposed on, incurred by, asserted against any of the parties mentioned above, caused by any act or omission of anyone, or occurring within the vendors booth space, or arising in connection with the activities conducted by the vendor during Fall Tennis Matches.

    A copy of these rules and regulations will also be emailed to you when you submit your application. If you have any questions about these, please call 501-835-9793. 

    A City of Sherwood manager will review your application; when approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to send in rental fees. Fees are due within five days of application acceptance.

  9. By Submitting This Form, I Agree to the Above Terms.*
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