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Application for Home Based Business License



    1. Acknowledgement

      By electronically signing this form you acknowledge, and will abide by the rules for the operation of a home based business inside the city limits of Sherwood. Failure to follow the guidelines set forth WILL result in the denial or revocation of your business license.

      Sherwood Zoning Code for Home Occupation Business

      Section 14.10.05

      Section 1 - A home occupation may be permitted in any residentially zoned district provided it complies with the following provisions:

      A. Standards

      1. The business, occupation, or profession is conducted by a person or persons residing in the principal dwelling. No non-resident may be employed at the dwelling unit: and,
      2. The home occupation is located entirely within the principal dwelling unit; and,
      3. The home occupation involves the se of not more than one (1) commercial vehicle and no parked vehicle will serve as advertising for the home occupation; and,
      4. The home occupation does not require the use of an accessory building or yard space or an activity outside the main structure not normally associated with residential use; and,
      5. Does not display merchandise of have outside storage of equipment or materials in a manner visible from the street; and,
      6. The home occupation does not alter the external appearance of the principal dwelling unit; and,
      7. The home occupation does not create noise, vibration, glare, fumes, electromagnetic interference, odors, or air pollution outside the principal dwelling unit; and,
      8. The home occupation does not involve the storage of hazardous materials, other than substances of a type and quantity customarily associated with a home or hobby; and,
      9. The home occupation will not result in more than one (1) customer vehicle parked at the principal dwelling unit at a time, except that vehicles temporarily parked for the purpose of "drop-off" or "pick-up" of children or students is permitted; and,
      10. No display that will indicate from the exterior that the building is being utilized in part for any purpose other than that of a dwelling, except for one (1) permitted sign; and,
      11. The home occupation does not require pickup of non-household solid waste. No dumpsters are permitted for home occupations.

      B. Examples of Home Occupations

      • Activities conducted principally by telephone, compute, facsimile, or mail
      • Studios where handicrafts or objects of art are created
      • Independent sales or professional consultant
      • Dressmaking or apparel alterations
      • Bookkeeping services
      • Instructing, or tutoring (limited to two (2) customers/clients at a time)
      • Residential childcare (up to (5) children)

      C. Prohibited Home Occupations

      • Any use that requires a building code upgrade (i.e., from residential standards to commercial standards) to accommodate the home occupation
      • Kennels
      • Eating or drinking establishment of any kind
      • Bed and Breakfast, unless approved as a Conditional Use in a residential district allowing such use
      • Any illegal activity