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Bill Harmon Recreation Center

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Admission Fee

$5 with state-issued photo ID


Bill Harmon Recreation Center Brochure

Fitness Class Schedule


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. After-School Childcare
  3. Basketball
  4. Basketball Court
  5. Cardio Equipment
  6. Chairs
  7. Childcare
  8. Exercise Equipment
  9. Fitness Center
  10. Free Weights
  11. Internet
  12. Locker Room
  13. Meeting Rooms
  14. Parking
  15. Pool
  16. Restrooms
  17. Seasonal Concessions
  18. Security
  19. Showers
  20. Swimming Pool
  21. Tables
  22. Vending Machines
  23. Volleyball
  24. Walking Track
  25. Water

Bill Harmon Recreation Center Virtual Tour

The City of Sherwood welcomes you to the Bill Harmon Recreation Center. Features include an indoor eight-lane heated pool, indoor walking track, fitness equipment, gymnasium, volleyball and basketball. 

Occasionally the facility will be closed to host special events and for holidays. Notices will be posted as soon as possible notifying members.

Facility Rental

There are four rooms available to rent for business meetings, receptions, banquets, seminars, holiday parties and more. The pool is also available for rental. The staff is here to assist you and to make your event a success.

Room Rental Rates

Large Rooms (Aspen or Hickory)
Monday-Thursday $140
Friday-Sunday $180

Small Rooms (Cedar or Dogwood)
Monday-Thursday $100
Friday-Sunday $140

Indoor Pool Rental Rates

Saturday afternoon, starting at $120
Includes lifeguards and two hours of pool time in three lanes reserved for your group.

Friday-Sunday evenings, starting at $160
Includes lifeguards and two hours of private pool time.

There is a $100 damage deposit for ALL rentals.
To reserve a room or the pool, call 501-835-6893.

Please note: a City of Sherwood ordinance prohibits alcohol and tobacco products on the premises.


Pass Youth
Daily $5 $5 $2 N/A N/A
20-Punch $75 $75 $75 N/A N/A
Monthly $24 $36 $24 $42 $36
Annual $144 $288 $144 $360 $288
 Senior Walking Pass N/A N/A $12/month N/A N/A
Child Care  $4/hour per child

Child Sitting Information

There is a cost of $4 per child, per hour. Parent must remain on site to use this service. 

Time Limit

There is a time limit of two hours. Thereafter, a late fee of $1 per five minutes will be added to the amount owed.

Age Limit

Sitting will be provided for children ages 2-11.


The staff IS NOT responsible for taking any children to the restroom. The parent will be notified if necessary.

Food & Drinks

Dry snacks only. Only cups with lids will be permitted. Food must be provided by parent.


Children do not need to bring toys from home. Toys are provided.

Childcare Hours
Monday-Friday 8:30-noon
Monday-Thursday 5-8 p.m.