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  1. Country Club Road Improvements

    Ongoing road improvements are happening on Country Club Road. Read for more information about this project. Read on...
  2. Sewer System Rehabilitation

    Sherwood Wastewater Utility has begun the rehabilitation of sewer lines. The project consists of 18 separate projects within an area south of Club Road, east of Oakhill Place to Verona Avenue, and south to Wildwood Avenue. Read on...

    The Engineering, Permits and Planning Department has provided a document with key takeaways of Sign Ordinance No. 2324 during the current election cycle. Read on...
  4. Hemphill Road Redevelopment Project Information

    The project consists of the redevelopment of the Hemphill Road Corridor located in Pulaski County Read on...
  5. Documents Available for Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Development

    Crafton Tull has made draft deliverables for work completed to date for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Development available to the City of Sherwood. Read on...
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