Professional Standards

The Sherwood Police Department Office of Professional Standards is assigned to the Administrative Division and consists of Internal Affairs, Training Unit, New Hire Recruitment and Administrative Review Process. The Office of Professional Standards may be contacted between Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 501-835-1425 or by email at

The Office of Professional Standards evaluates the Department's policies, procedures and training. It also performs investigations of internal matters through objective and comprehensive investigations into the department or employee misconduct. It safeguards the integrity and professionalism of the Department.

The Training Unit is responsible for critical functions within the police department. Primarily, the officers are to ensure that all personnel receives the proper training and certification for each person's job assignment/rank. The training staff works closely with outside agencies and academies in the development of training programs for basic recruits and experienced officers.

The Office of Professional Standards works closely with the Human Resources Department for the City of Sherwood concerning new hires and recruitment for all positions within the Sherwood Police Department. The new hire process consists of a written examination, physical agility test, panel interview and comprehensive background checks. If a candidate is selected for a conditional hire, the process continues with four additional tests: psychological, medical, drug screening and truth verification test.