Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigation Division consists of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, five detectives, and two clerks.  The Division is responsible for the investigation of all crimes that occur in the city of Sherwood.  These crimes include the investigation of crimes against society, property, and persons that occur in the city of Sherwood.  

Some of these crimes include, but are not limited to:

-Homicide and questionable deaths or related offenses

-Traffic fatalities

-Rape and all other sexual offenses

-Assault or battery, including the abuse of adults or children

-Kidnapping, false imprisonment, terroristic threatening, and harassing communications


-Theft, including fraud and forgery

-Vehicle theft, including thefts from vehicles and thefts of motor vehicle parts and accessories

-Crimes committed against persons or property

-Crimes committed by juveniles

-Missing persons or juveniles runaway complaints

-Narcotics and all related offenses

 Report suspicious activities, forward “tips” and information about criminal activities and wanted persons to, or call 501-834-8799, or 501-835-4075.  

  1. Investigations / CID

    Fax: 501-392-0086