Cops Kids

Picture of Cops Kids at Camp

Children on Patrol allows boys and girls from 6-12 years of age to assist their local Community Policing Officers with neighborhood projects.

We want to provide our impressionable children with another positive role model outside the home.

We try and schedule an activity once a month, usually a movie night. This allows the children to hang out doing something fun, while affording the opportunity for parents to have a ‘date night’.

Our biggest event is our COPS Kids Academy.  This is a week full of fun, learning about an aspect of law enforcement with hands on experiences including (but not limited to) fingerprinting, casting and investigative practices.

If you are interested in having your child(ren) involved with this group, you can email Sgt. Russell and your address will be placed on the email list!!

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  1. 10 CODES
  2. Phoenetic Alpabets

There are 200 10-Codes in current usage; approximately 50 of these are used by the police, fire and other types of radio operators, while others have combined meanings depending on the service.

Below is a list of the most commonly used 10-Codes, some have been adjusted to our specifications. The highlighted codes are those that we use frequently.


10-1Receiving Poorly10-44I Have A Message For You
10-2Receiving Well10-45All Units Within Range Report
10-3Stop Transmitting10-49Meet at_________________
10-4OK, Message Received10-50Traffic Check
10-5Relay Message10-56Need Back Up
10-6Busy, Stand By10-57Check warning citations
10-7Out of Service, Leaving Air10-60Need Report Number
10-8In Service, Subject To Call10-61No report
10-9Repeat Message10-62Need Court Date
10-10Out Of Service/Meal Break10-63Net Directed To__________
10-11Talking Too Rapidly10-64Net Clear
10-12Officials/Visitors Present10-65Open Back Door
10-13Advise Weather/ Road Conditions10-66Cancel pick up on__________
10-14Convoy or Escort10-67All Units Comply
10-15Prisoner in Custody10-68Repeat Dispatch On
10-16Pickup Prisoner At_______________10-70Need Ambulance At________
10-17Pick Up Item10-71Need Wrecker At__________
10-18Complete Assignment ASAP10-73Radar At_________________
10-19Return To Station10-75You Are Causing Interference
10-20My Location Is_______________10-77Negative Contact
10-21Call By Telephone10-81Officer _____ is out at station
10-22Take no further action/Disregard10-82Reserve Room For__________
10-23Stand By10-84My Telephone Number Is________
10-24All units report to___________10-85Vehicle Equipment Check
10-25Do you have contact with_______10-86Switch Radio Frequency to_______
10-27I Am Moving To Channel________10-88Advice Number For Contact
10-28Check vehicle registration10-89Radio Repairman Needed At_____
10-29Check drivers license/warrant files10-90I Have TVI
10-30Does Not Conform To FCC Rules10-91Talk Closer To Mic.
10-32Breath test for BAC10-92Your Tx Is Out Of Adjustment
10-33Emergency Radio Traffic10-93Out At Gas Pump
10-34Trouble At This Station, Help Needed10-94Please Give Me A Short Count
10-35Confidential Information10-95Please Give Me A Long Count
10-36Correct Time Is______________10-96In Route To Scene
10-37Dispatcher on Duty10-97Arrived At Scene
10-38Ambulance Needed At__________10-98Completed Last Assignment
10-39Your Message Delivered10-99Unable To Copy Message
10-41Please Tune To Channel10-1005-Min. Brk, Commonly RestRoom
10-42Officer At Home10-200Police Needed At______________
10-43Traffic Tieup At______________