Hot Check Division

The Hot Check Division of the Sherwood District Court prosecutes individuals and businesses that write checks that cannot be cashed due to closed accounts or insufficient funds. This service is available to merchants and individual victims within Pulaski County. If you own a business that accepts a large amount of checks for payment of goods or services, you have experienced the problem of receiving bad checks. Our hot check processing service boast an 85% collection rate for all cases handled. We can work to see that you receive the money you are owed , and there is no cost to you or your business. Our service is free of charge as part of our many efforts to create and maintain a business friendly environment here in Sherwood.

Small Businesses

Small businesses, which make up the largest group in our business community, are particularly vulnerable to the problem of bad checks. Our goal is to stamp out this impediment to doing business. It is a crime under Arkansas Statute 5-37-302 to write a bad check in the State of Arkansas. 

Call Us

Our hot check processing service is often a last resort for individuals, businesses, and collection agencies. If you or your business is experiencing a problem with bad checks, call us first. We can help. For more information on our services you may contact us at 501-835-0898, or you may visit our office.