I.T. Department

Our IT Department recommends, implements, and manages all technologies used by the City of Sherwood in providing services to the community. We maintain an internal computer network and all peripheral devices including printers and scanners, connecting over 150 desktop and portable computers to one another. The City of Sherwood’s computer network is operational 24/7 and 365 days a year. This enables communication between all departments via email at any time. IT also maintains our connection to the Internet, and makes it possible for you to be viewing our Website. We provide technical support for all our employees, and troubleshoot software and hardware problems when they occur.

The IT Director sets standards for all equipment and software used by the City. To ensure consistency in hardware configurations, and to reduce our overall technology costs, we build each personal computer used by employees to the specifications required by the intended use. This ensures that individuals who use their computers extensively have active memory and storage capacity required to do their jobs efficiently.