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Greens General Policy

  1. 7400 Highway 107
    Sherwood, AR 72120

    Phone: 501-833-0476
    Fax: 501-833-3278

  2. The Greens at North Hills

  3. Deposit
    An initial $150 deposit and a $200 refundable damage deposit is due within 5 working days of scheduling your event. These will be retained as a facility charge. If your deposits are not received by the due date, your reservation will be canceled and The Greens at North Hills will have no further obligations under this agreement.

    Final Payments
    Final payment for the rental fee and other rental charges are due within 10 business days of your event. Payments may be made by check, cash, credit or cashier’s check.

    For events canceled 90 days prior to the event date, 100% of your deposit will be refunded. For events canceled 60 days prior to the event date, 50% of your deposit will be refunded. For events canceled 30 days prior to the event date, 25% of your deposit will be refunded. Events that are canceled less than 30 days prior the event date, 0% of the deposit will be refunded.

    Rental Time
    Your event starts/ends at the contracted time allotted. This means that the doors will be opened at the contracted time and doors are locked at the end of that contracted time. For instance, for an evening event, the doors will open at 3 p.m. and a staff member will lock the doors at 12 a.m. This means that the event planners, party guests, all decorations, all catering staff, DJ staff and other hired staff are out of the room at 12 a.m. If all of the above are not out of the room by the allotted time the $200 damage deposit will be taken as a facility charge for going over your allotted time. All evening events must conclude prior to midnight. No exceptions.

    Additional Time
    The Greens at North Hills rents the event space in six (early day events) and nine (late day/evening events) hour limits. If you require additional time before your six or nine hours begins you will be charged $25 an hour. If you require additional time after your six or nine hours end you will be charged $25 an hour. No additional time is available after midnight. Additional time must be arranged with The Greens at North Hills’ management at least 2 weeks before your event date. The Greens at North Hills’ management cannot guarantee additional time be allowed if not given the 2 weeks lead time.

    Wedding Rehearsals
    If you are having your wedding at The Greens at North Hills and you would like to have your rehearsal the night before you will be charged for the full fee. No exceptions. You may reserve the day prior to your event for $300 during business hours only. (M-F, 8-5)

    Date Change
    Renters must give 30 days’ notice to change their event date and/or time of their event. If less than 30 days’ notice is given a $100 change fee will be added to their rental fee balance.

    Included in Rental
    The total rental fee includes event space, time, round and long tables and chairs. The Greens at North Hills does NOT provide utensils, plates, barware, drink ware, napkins, office supplies, linens, etc.

    Room Diagram
    A room diagram with the tables and chairs’ arrangement must be agreed upon 10 days prior to your event. If The Greens at North Hills doesn’t receive a room diagram at least 10 days prior to your event, The Greens at North Hills cannot guarantee that the room be set-up in time for your event. The Greens at North Hills’ staff will set- up the room only one time. Any changes that the renter wants to make will be their responsibility. The Greens at North Hills will take down all tables and chairs at the end of the event.

    Where allowed, candles, table centerpieces or other personal decorations must meet all local fire regulations, health department regulations and any other applicable government regulations. All candles must be used in a candle holder or suitable glass container. No open flames will be allowed. When in doubt, please ask The Greens at North Hills’ management. Bubbles, glitter, confetti, rice and bird seed are not permitted indoors. Sparklers, fireworks or other pyrotechnic materials are not permitted indoors or outdoors. The Greens at North Hills reserves the right to refuse decorations from patrons should they feel necessary to do so. Renters may bring in outside rental items for their event. All decorations and rentals must be removed following event unless prior arrangements have been made.

    Christmas Decorations
    During the month of December, Christmas decorations will be in place at The Greens at North Hills. Decorations include - 2- 9ft trees, 5 wreaths, 2 topiaries, poinsettias and garland. These are to remain up throughout the entire month of December. No party is to take down any of the decorations for any reason. No exceptions.

    Food & Alcohol
    Alcohol service is allowed at The Greens at North Hills but must be approved by The Greens at North Hills' supervisor. Security may be required, at the expense of the renter. Alcohol may be served, but not sold. Alcohol service must cease thirty minutes before the end of the event. If at any time The Greens at North Hills’ staff deem it necessary to stop the service of alcohol earlier, the renter will be notified and the service shall cease. The City of Sherwood accepts no liability for the actions of the group or its guests at alcohol related events. No beverages are to leave the premises. This City of Sherwood does not permit the serving of alcoholic beverages to anyone the City of Sherwood, in its sole discretion, determines is intoxicated, or to any one whom is under the age of 21. Certified bartenders are required for all functions where alcohol is served. All food served must be provided by a caterer. All caterers must be licensed by the state of Arkansas and must bring copies of licenses, permits and proof of liability insurance prior to scheduled event.

    Downstairs Clubhouse/Golf Course
    The inside downstairs’ door will remain locked throughout your event. If event guests would like to have a drink/dinner at Bunker’s Bistro downstairs they have to use the stairs outside at the back of the building OR go out the front of the building and go around the building. All alcoholic beverages purchased from Bunker’s Bistro must remain in the restaurant. No guests are allowed on the greens at any time. Renters and guests must keep in mind golfers could be playing during event (depending on the time of the day).

    Lost Articles
    The City of Sherwood is not responsible for any articles left or lost at the premises prior to or after your event. Security arrangement should be made should items be left unattended.

    The Greens at North Hills’ parking lot is for event guests along with golfers. The Greens at North Hills will not reserve spaces for your event guests. If additional parking is required for your guests they are welcome to use the parking lot across the street from the event space. The Greens at North Hills is not responsible for vehicles on that lot or for guests getting to/from the parking lot to the event space.

    Clean-Up Responsibility
    The renter is responsible for cleaning up all decorations and removing from the room at the end of the event, collecting trash in the designated areas and cleaning up any spills/trash during the event (this includes mopping and/ or sweeping). Renter is responsible for making sure all décor is out of the room at the end of the night - meaning all decorations are cleaned up, tablecloths and rentals are removed. The Greens at North Hills is responsible for setting up and breaking down all tables and chairs and all other cleaning responsibilities. If renter fails to clean-up the room per these specifications, the $200 damage deposit check will be kept by The Greens of North Hills.

    The Greens at North Hills receives security from the Sherwood Police Department. Their responsibility is to watch the parking area as well as the entire facility. They are not responsible for vehicles left unattended in the parking lot, or unattended items left on the premises prior to or after the event. A security person can be arranged at the cost of the normal hourly rate. To arrange security for your event please contact the Professional Standards Division, Sherwood Police Department 835-1425. This needs to be done immediately after the party is scheduled.

    Hold Harmless & Identifications
    Applicant agrees by signature below, to hold harmless and indemnify the City of Sherwood, agents and employees against (I) any and all claims of losses for services rendered by any subcontractor, person or firm performing or supplying services, materials in connection with the performance of this application; (II) any claims or losses resulting to any person or firm injured or damaged by the erroneous, willful or negligent acts or omissions, including disregard of Federal and State Statues or regulations, by the organizer, it’s officers, or subcontractors in the performance of this application; (III) any damage to or loss of property organizer or of any other person entity.

    Should a dispute arise to the enforceability or breaches of any term of this agreement, the parties agree to submit their dispute to binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

    Conditions of Agreement & Renter Responsibility
    The renter agrees to begin the function at its scheduled time and to have guests and invitees vacate the premises at the designated time. The renter agrees to assume full responsibility for the conduct of their guest. Damages resulting from renter’s guest will be charged to the renter. The renter further agrees to reimburse the City of Sherwood for any over time wage payments, other expenses of damages incurred by the City of Sherwood because of the patron to comply with facility regulations. The renter agrees to leave The Greens at North Hills in the same condition as it was when they arrive or the damage deposit will not be returned.

    Items at The Greens at North Hills are the property of the City of Sherwood.

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